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Lumberton Chiropractic practitioners are professionals in the medical and health care field that concentrate on deficiencies of the musculoskeletal and nervous system, and how these deficiencies effect our general health.  Visitors of Lumberton chiropractic facilities undergo the types of therapy that are often utilized to address neuromusculoskeletal issues, including neck, back and joint pain involving the extremities, and also headaches.

Doctors of Chiropractic – commonly called chiropractic physicians or chiropractors  – adhere to a philosophy of a drug-free approach to medical care that consist of examinations, treatment and diagnosis. Chiropractors possess a wide range of diagnostic abilities and are also trained to prescribe rehabilitative and therapeutic activities and exercises. Providing guidance on nutrition, diet and lifestyle is also a primary service.

Lumberton Chiropractic doctors will often perform a procedure called a “spinal adjustment” or “chiropractic adjustment. The goal is to restore mobility in the joints by exerting pressure onto joints that are hypomobile – or restricted joint movement due to injury of tissue. Tissue damage can be the result of a singular traumatic incident or a cumulative of repeated stress such as sitting improperly for an extended time causing the posture of the spine not to be in an optimal position. Whichever is the cause, injured tissue experiences both physical changes and chemical changes that can result in inflammatory pain and reduced mobility or functionary movements of the patients. Adjustment or manipulation of the affected area can aid in restoring mobility which in turn reduces pain, tightness of muscles and enables healing of tissues.

Discomfort is rarely caused by chiropractic adjustment although some soreness or aching may be experienced by patients occasionally after undergoing therapy. This generally dissipates after twelve to forty-eight hours.

In many circumstances, like pain in the lower back, chiropractic treatment is often the prime form of treatment. When additional health conditions are present, chiropractic therapy can supplement or assist medical treatment by alleviating the musculoskeletal issues that accompanies the complaint.

Chiropractor Lumberton NC

Lumberton Chiropractic Doctors can evaluate patients through a medical exam, clinical tests, radio-logical imaging and other forms of diagnosis to conclude whether chiropractic therapy is beneficial or not. Chiropractors Lumberton NC will promptly refer cases to the proper health provider when chiropractic therapy is not appropriate for the patient’s issue.

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